joi, 1 martie 2012

Self-appointed revolutionaries shooting people in the streets – Homs eyewitness

Un articol interesant publicat de RT. Este Breaking News.

Interesant este că presa on-line din Romania a cam dat la fund subiectele legate de Siria.

People have been left without water or electricity as rebels destroy water pumps and power converters. Civilians are forced to stay inside as snipers shoot from the rooftops.
­RT in Damascus managed to contact an eyewitness in Homs, who says self-proclaimed revolutionaries are killing civilians in the streets. Galina says leaving home is out of the question, as snipers “can shoot you in the back.”
They kill both young and old. They steal people from their homes and chop them into pieces, put them in plastic bags and throw them out!”
She claims rumors are spreading of gunmen from France, Lebanon and Tunisia killing Syrians.
They mostly kill Christians here,” she says.
Galina says people in Homs support the Assad government and want “the revolution” to be over.
Earlier reports said rebels left Homs under pressure from Assad’s forces, but threatened to retaliate.

Mai jos vedeți cîteva declarații ale martorilor oculari din Homs.

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