vineri, 1 aprilie 2011

Stop the bombing of Libya - For the ceasefire and political solutions

The developments of the situation in Libya are, as we feared, very serious.
We are back to the military adventure, facing a war and real attacks of the population in the villages in favor of imperialism and oil merchants.
The Party of the European Left strongly urges the cessation of the bombing, the step back of NATO and the so-called coalition, and the multilateral ceasefire.
Politics must take place, Libyans
must solve the situation through peaceful negotiations, judging all those who have violated human rights; UN and the international community have to ensure the liability of the process, instead of supporting what has been a full-scale military attack to control Libyan natural resources and win ground  in this region of great geostrategic relevance .
European Left also express
through this statement our solidarity with the Libyan, Syrian, Jordanian people, with Bahrain and Yemen habitants, and with all those who are struggling to improve their living conditions.

No to war!
Mola and Fabio Amato, on behalf of the European Left Party

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