miercuri, 4 mai 2011

Fundamentalist Christianity and the myth of Osama Bin Laden

Interesting point of view. Found on RT.com

„RT: As the US and US-based media has reported, Osama Bin Laden was killed at point-blank range, then buried at sea. Does this seem strange to you, and how would you explain it? 

Maksim Shevchenko: The US ruling elite and society is in a craze over religion and mysticism. Even if Americans deny that, claiming that their state is secular, the semantics of having the man labeled “the world’s most wanted terrorist” buried at sea tell us that vulgar, fundamentally protestant mysticism still dominates the US psyche. All kinds of American priests and preachers, especially those in the dispensationalist branch, have compared Osama to a beast, emerging from the sea and called Islam the religion of the antichrist.
The ritualistic meaning of burying Osama at sea – if it was in fact Osama and not just another poor nameless soul murdered by the Americans – is therefore interpreted in that line of thinking as the beast’s return to the sea. The US is fundamentalist to a degree when this kind of vulgar mysticism defines on the subconscious level where the US military machine will go. It is a country full of Freemason lodges, spiritualist communities and protestant churches. That is why this nation’s actions, sentences and executions are packaged to have a mystical flavor.”

full story: http://rt.com/news/bin-laden-us-myth/

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