miercuri, 11 mai 2011

The Party of European Left in solidarity with the Greek people

While a new "rescue" plan, under the EU-IMF guidance is threatening Greece , the European Left salutes the general strike on May 11th, launched by the public and private sector trade unions and expresses its deepest solidarity with the Greek people.
The memorandum showed that the strategy of conciliation with the markets has failed. The proof is that one year after its signing, the situation is worse. On May 6th, a meeting was held in Luxembourg to discuss new measures to be developed by the troika. The strict regulations, planned to "save Greece " continue to be a real social massacre, destroying jobs and social rights.
The European Left strongly rejects once more the false solutions of the EU and IMF, and the austerity plans that only aim to serve the speculative interests and increase unemployment and poverty. Europe must find a common solution within solidarity. This is not a Greek, Portuguese, Irish or Spanish crisis. This is a European crisis. Moreover, these austerity policies applied in Greece , are about to be imposed everywhere in Europe via the "Pact for the Euro."
The EL believes that in order to come out of the crisis it is necessary:
- to find a European solution to the crisis of public debts and therefore the cancellation of a part of it
- to question the omnipotence of financial markets and to submit them to regulation and social control
- to make social development and solidarity a priority in Europe
- to consult the peoples on the "Pact for the Euro" via referenda.
Together, we can fight for a Europe of workers, social and democratic.

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