miercuri, 27 iulie 2011

EL condemns the terrorist attacks in Norway and expresses its solidarity with the victims

The Party of the European Left condemns the terrorist attacks in Norway and shows its solidarity with the victims. The European Left :
1. Condemns the criminal attacks that took place in Norway, which have
resulted in nearly a hundred dead and many injured. The author of this
slaughter Anders B. Breivik is definitely linked to the insane act of
murder, with or without the cooperation of others, and with obvious
political motivations of pseudo-ideology of the extreme right in Norway.
2. Stands together with all the innocent victims of brutal attacks. With all
the Norwegian people and especially their families as well as with the
government and the Labour Party of which many of the young people killed in the camp on the island of Utoya were members.
3. Denounces an atmosphere of extreme right, xenophobia, racism and violence that is spreading throughout Europe in a highly dangerous and regrettable manner, with an approach towards fascist politics in the guise of institutional choices in many countries.Tolerance and the passive
penetration in our societies of ideas underlying ultra-nationalist,
xenophobic, fascist and racist factors essential for the eruption of
subsequent serious situations, result in the regretable madness we see
4. Calls to unite civil society, the workers, those connected with the
diffusion of culture, public institutions, officials,  social organizations
and political parties, media and organizations, who are by nature
democratic, peaceful, and who fully respect social, civil and human rights.
The necessary convergence of millions of people throughout Europe should
permit us to attain positions and actions so as to prevent, combat and make the repetition of tragic events such as those that affect us today in Norway totally impossible.
5. Sends this message to the sister parties of the European Left, also those
within the GUE / NGL, democratic institutions in Norway, the victims'
families and all the people of Norway. In these terrible circumstances, we
are all Norwegians. All may count on us.

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