vineri, 8 iulie 2011

The Greek people must be heard!

On the occassion of its meeting in Athens, in 5 July 2011, the Presidency of the Party of the European Left reasserts its solidarity with the Greek people who mobilize against the new «Mid-Term» austerity plan, imposed by Papandreou's government, in full accordance with the guidelines of the IMF-EU-ECB «troika».
The EL Presidium salutes the workers' struggles in the public and private sector, the indignants' movement demanding real democracy and the MPs of SYRIZA that stood up in the Parliament and voted against the Mid-Term Program.
In the name of the EL President, Pierre Laurent, and Vice-Presidents, Alexis Tsipras, Maite Mola, Grigore Petrenco and Marisa Matias, we demand a radical change in the process of handling the Greek public debt, including urgent measures, like:
· The abolition of a large part of the public debt.
· The ECB must undertake a part of the debt and enable investments for social development.
The resistance of the Greek people opens new pathways of hope and solidarity, against fear, isolation and social destruction in Europe. The EL calls all European peoples to continue and strengthen their struggles for real democracy and social justice, against the austerity policies. It is now time to become the protagonists of a radical and progressive change in Europe. 

Athens, 5 July 2011
The Presidency of the European Left
Pierre Laurent, EL President Marisa Matias, Maite Mola, Grigore Petrenco and Alexis Tsipras, EL Vice-Presidents

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