joi, 7 iulie 2011

EL supports the 48-hour General Strike in Greece!

Greece is paralyzed by a 48 hours general strike, the 17th since the adoption, one year ago, of the first measures to try to come out of the massive debt of 350 billion Euros accumulated by the Greek State and that is in danger of bankruptcy. 
Coinciding with the vote in the Parliament of the new package of measures demanded by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund so that Greece obtain a new loan, the unions, progressive associations, students, the “indignants” and the political Left have decided to carry on with their protests and convene a 48-hour strike, to show its total rejection of the measures which the Government intends to adopt following the EU advice’s and threats.
The further cuts in public spending, the increase of taxes for workers and the privatizations’ plan that, according to the Papandreou Government calculations, would bring 50 billion Euros for the state, are measures that have led to a very strong popular opposition, tired of paying a crisis that they didn’t provoke.
Concrete measures:
-Wage cuts: € 2,2 billion.
-Cuts in pensions and other costs of the social security: € 5 billion.
-The increase in the contributions of workers and pensioners to Social security: € 3 billion.
-The increase of taxes, the cuts in social benefits, reduction of employers’ tax and increases in road tax, up to € 6 billion.
-Massive privatization - sale of the State assets: up to € 50 billion.
The Party of the European Left wants to support, once more, the Greek people for their determination to resist against the brutal measures, SYRIZA, trade unions and all who are mobilized defending their rights. 

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