joi, 15 septembrie 2011

Despre muncă, recompensă și libertate

O frântură dintr-un articol preluat de pe blogul De-civilizare.


"One last point and then I"m out. Prisoners. These people BREAK the law, are a danger to society, yet they get free food and shelter day in day out and dont work a single day. Now, if we can provide three meals a day, air conditioning and cable TV for PRISONERS, the murderers and rapists, why can't we provide it for all of us. We have plenty of food, remember 1% of the US farms for 99% of the rest. We have plenty of homes. Look down the street, how many are empty, for sale? How many people own TWO, THREE homes? We can provide food and shelter for all. Its there. We've simply been convinced we don't deserve it. "

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